Latest Changes

Electronic Estimated Returns (e-ESTIMATED RETURNS)

e-ESTIMATED RETURNS is an Internet based system. This allows to insert online Returns information. Effort has been made to simplify the system so that the system can be operated without any training.

Please download PCS NEPALI Font by clicking this link....PCS NEPALI FONT Download (Do you have font problem? Click Here)

Note for New Users:
1. Click Get Submission Number in the menu to initiate your login info for each transaction

2. If you already have got Submission Number Click on Estimated Income Tax Returns Login to edit/update

IRD has introduced a new, simplified Auto-Verification process by using username and password. To register username and password .

Registered username and password can be used to login as taxpayer and auto-verify and can be used forever.

If you have already taken your username and password for taxpayer login in E-Self Assessment, you can use same login for the verification of your records.

If you have already register email in E-Self Assessment, you can use same email for the auto-verification of your records.

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